Dear customers, friends and stakeholders of the R-Universe,

The Covid-19 crisis is having a huge impact on our lives at the moment and given the current global situation we have now had to adopt a new way of working at R- Reforged in order to help protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and employees.

What does this mean?

R-Reforged remains operational although with a reduced workforce, however, we are still here to respond to any questions or queries you may have.

How have we had to adapt? Are we available to discuss an R-Reforged project?

Absolutely, just give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the details with you

How do you contact the team?

As usual, we can be reached by phone all day Monday to Friday on:
(+44) 01926 838958 or by email at

We will all need a great deal of strength and patience to overcome this crisis, through listening to professional advice and being kind to one another we will be able to achieve this.

Although we are in unprecedented times, we still aspire to offer you an outstanding service. More than ever we trust in the bright future of our group, and our teams across the R-Universe are working passionately to ensure that there will be an exciting journey ahead of us.

Take care and look after yourselves and your loved ones!


Florian Kamelger & Andreas Baenziger

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